Andy Pettite Talks To Boston, Brian Fuentes: Nice Job Angels!

Rumors had it that a few weeks ago the Red Sox flew out to meet with Andy Pettite. I can’t imagine the Red Sox would ever sign him as it would be spitting in the face of the city he has played with for almost his entire career. Andy Pettite will resign with the Yankees at the $10 million tag that he was offered. Its just a matter of time. I think Andy agreed to meet with the Sox to get into the Yankees heads moreso then a serious interest in going to Boston.

Meanwhile, Brian Fuentes found himself a home with the Angels today at a very nice price. The Angels got the 33 year old Fuentes to a 2 year $17.5 million deal. He receives $8.5MM in ’09, $9MM in ’10 and a vesting 3rd year at $9MM if he completes 55 games in 2010. This is a great deal for the Angels as rather than paying the high dollar prices for K-Rod they got a similar elite closer at below market value. Excellent maneuvering to get this done after losing out on Mark Teixeira.


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