Is Brad Penny It?

Recent reports say that Brad Penny may in fact NOT be the big acquisition the Red Sox will make this offseason. Talks have surfaced about trade talks for Hanley Ramirez, however the Marlins made sure the Red Sox know that they will have to be wowed by an offer and that there is no way the trade happens without the inclusion of Clay Bucholz or Jacoby Ellsbury (Lester is considered untouchable).

The Red Sox are also in need of a 4th outfielder to replace Coco Crisp. Eric Byrnes seems to be the best of the bunch that have been discussed so far. I’d like to see Byrnes as our 4th outfielder, but I don’t see him as being ok with being a 4th outfielder. He is still too good of a player (would be a better CF for Yankees than Melky, surprised if he’s on the market they haven’t made a move). I can see him still putting up .260+ with 20 homers and 30 steals.


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