Quiet Day

It’s been a quiet day in Boston today. Rumors still fly around about Jason Varitek but no official new information has been released. Tim Dierkes from MLBTradeRumors.com projects Varitek will in fact resign with Boston inevitably and at $7MM (he would have gotten more in arbitration). No team has shown interest in him due to his offer of arbitration from the Red Sox. Varitek at this point in his career I would have to agree is not worth a first round draft pick, and this really doomed him in free agency. Boras has failed his Boston clients this year (Manny Ramirez and Jason Varitek) as both will end up most likely back with the team they were on last year (Tek to Boston and Manny to LA), for lesser money than they were expecting. The Manny situation really confuses me for all these teams that need a power hitter and there will be a very weak free agent market in 2010. However, I can see how his attitude last season has him blacklisted from many teams. I believe this list (regardless of rumors) may include the Yankees. Unless they can get him on a 1 or 2 year deal, they fear the same fate the Red Sox realized last year. And when he does it this time they will not get a Jason Bay caliber player in trade.

I’m going to agree with Tim that Varitek will sign with the Sox but I think he will get $8MM for one year and they will also trade for a Montero type young catcher to be our secondary catcher. However, this “secondary” catcher I expect to appear in 75 games or more during the season, and Varitek to not even start 100 games. One of the current Red Sox prospects will catch Wakefield (while he starts, which I think will be less than half a season), Varitek will catch roughly 3/5 of the remaining games while whoever they pick up in trade will take the other 2/5.


3 Responses to “Quiet Day”

  1. mygournal Says:

    God the sox haven’t done shit in the offseason Brad Penny, John Smoltz. Picking up Adam Dunn would make me sleep easy at night being a yankee fan. Sox fans should be happy they offloaded that clown Coco Crisp. Good luck in the AL East

  2. I disagree. I think they have solidified the best overall pitching staff in Baseball. I think even if all the pickups they have acquired turn out to be failures, they will still compete for first in the AL East. If even one lives up to Theo’s hopes, I think it would put the Red Sox in a position to be the favorite in the AL East. I imagine Matt Holliday, Albert Pujols and others are on the Red Sox radar. They are trying to hold out I believe for a big Pujols signing in 2011 if they don’t make a move to trade for him before. It would be hard to convince the Carinals to unload him since he is not a huge contract burden and is very affordable. However, his fate is in Boston in 2011 in my opinion. The Yankees will not be a factor due to Teixeira’s mega-deal.

  3. I actually imagine they may have to wait till 2012 considering the Cardinals will pick up his 2011 option for $11MM.

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