Some Other Red Sox Prospects

To my knowledge, the Red Sox have not sent out their spring training invites yet. The Yankees released 20 non-roster invites that are going out for 2009. This includes Kei Igawa, Shelley Duncan, Andrew Jackson and many more. You can get the full listings on So with all the information flying around, and this blog being about Red Sox prospects, I thought I should go over some of the great prospects that the Red Sox have up and coming, some of whom will get a Spring Training invite to compete with players like Bucholz for the 5th rotation spot until Smoltz is ready, or Baldelli and Kotsay for utility jobs. Some players such as Lars Anderson will get an invite just to see what they can do. So I know that I have discussed Clay Bucholz, Justin Masterson, Michael Bowden and a few others, so you all can view those posts at your convienience, but all 3 of the major pitching prospects are fairly well known at this point, but there is so much more waiting in the minors.

Lars Anderson – I’m going to start off with a very highly coveted 1B prospect. Lars Anderson is an amazingly patient hitter (as I’ve discussed before) who prefers to drive the ball to the opposite field, though he can jump on a fastball and pull it as well if the outfield decides to put on a shift. His power is going to fit well in Fenway where his pull power will have the short right field wall, and his preference to hit line drives to the opposite field means (like Manny) he will make his career drilling doubles off the Green Monster. A big power lefty, Lars Anderson is likely to match in his offensive stats to a Justin Morneau if he reaches his ceiling. He has a world of power, and is becoming a solid defensive first basemen. He looks a little goofy at times because he’s a big guy, but he shows flashes of brilliance and makes some very difficult plays. I personally can’t wait for this guy to come up and cause more problems in the surplus of corner infielders (Youkilis, Lowell, Lowrie can play 3B, Anderson). This guy is the major reason the Sox did not go overspend on Mark Teixeira.

Daniel Bard – Another great prospect like Michael Bowden. Amazing fastball effortlessly getting up to 97-98 mph and when he reaches back for something extra he can hit up to 101. His primary problem is keeping his release point consistant. He had some major control issues in 2007 but last season was converted to a reliever and managed to post some fantastic numbers as when he was on, no one could hit him. At Single-A ball he posted a 0.64 ERA in 15 games (0 started) while he had great success at Double-A Portland as well posting a 1.99 ERA in 31 games (0 started). I think the most impressive stat however, is that he pitched less than 80.0 total innings this season, yet still accumulated 107 strikeouts (walking 30). Another very possible future setup man for Papelbon. Similar to Joba Chaimberlain.

Josh Reddick – A good young outfielder. At 21 years old this guy’s got quite a bit of development left to go before he joins the Major League Red Sox. He is a solid player and a contact hitter as well as a power hitter. He is 6-2 180 lbs, but is very skinny and lanky. He shows potential to fill out nicely and scouts feel that if he does choose to fill out his power numbers will increase as well and there really is no ceiling. He bat around .340 at Single-A ball but struggled in Portland at Double-A hitting only .214 in 117 AB and struggled in the Fall League batting .189 in 95 AB. He is over-aggressive like Dustin Pedroia at the plate and could definitely use a little dicipline. He has good range in the outfield (at all 3 positions) and a cannon for an arm that is as accurate as it is powerful. Plays with alot of heart and leaves everything on the field.

Junichi Tazawa – Welcome to America. Welcome to Boston. What a privilege it was to get this guy at such a bargain rate. Idolizing the great Daisuke Matsuzaka, he could not turn down the opportunity to join his idol on the Red Sox. What we spent on Dice-K definitely payed off in getting a deal on Tazawa as he got much higher offers from other teams around the league as high as $6MM per season. The Red Sox got him on a 3 year, $3 million deal. At 22 years old, he asked the Japanese league to forgo their draft and join the Major Leagues. A small righty, he has a 90-94 MPH fastball and a very unconventional delivery, and his arm has a jerky whipping action to it. His fastball runs inside on right handed hitters and has been said to have been clocked as high as 97. He has a plus slider. A curve that works as his primary offspeed pitch at about 75 MPH, and an above average forkball. He idolizes Dice-K and pitches similarly focusing on precision for his strikeouts rather than always trying to overpower his opposition. Excellent control.

Casey Kelly – An interesting prospect and very probably elite defensive 3b/SS. His offensive numbers have not yet come around. He has a nice swing and the ball comes off his bat well, but he strikes out a lot and chases many balls out of the strike zone. He is projected as a pitcher for 2009. An all around athelete who was a star quarterback in college as well, he has a 92-94 fastball, a hard breaking 12-6 curve and good changeup. He has excellent command. He will throw about 100 innings as a pitcher for Single-A Lowell and will most likely finish the year at shortstop. Not quite sure what we have here yet, but he as I said is one of those amazingly talented young atheletes who will be worth a lot down the line for his all around athletic ability.

George Kottaras – In my opinion our best bet at catching Wakefield in 2009. He has a lot of experience catching knuckleballers, and he blocks the ball well. His problem is calling a game, and waiting for his great offensive and power potential to come around. With Wakefield, the game calling is easy. Knuckleball. Knuckleball. Knuckleball. Fastball. Knuckleball. Curveball. Knuckleball. Knuckleball. Knuckleball. Knuckleball. When in doubt. Knuckleball. Has 20-25 home run potential, but his batting average seems to be average at best thusfar. However, he keeps his OBP around .330-360 which is respectable (in comparison with other starting catchers).

Other mentionables include Dusty Brown, Michael Almanzar, Ryan Kalish and Luis Exposito (2008 Red Sox Breakout Player of the Year).


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