Javy Lopez: An Understudy

How every team in baseball is not after this guy (or maybe they are and the Red Sox won’t move him), is beyond me. He’s gotta be a top 5 lefty specialist in baseball posting a 1.69 against lefties (2.24 overall). He was 2-0 with 38 strikeouts in 59.1 innings pitched. At hitter friendly Fenway, he has miraculously posted a 1.24 ERA last season. He was shakey on the road last season (which doesn’t really bother me much), and in 12 innings pitched in June (while Ortiz was down and the Red Sox were expected to fall off) he had a 0.75 ERA with 5 strikouts (but 4 walks). He needs a little work on his control to bring his walk total down (38k/27bb). Besides that this guy is a gem in the bullpen and a rare pitcher. I think one of the most important stats was down the stretch. In his last 10 regular season games (7 IP) he did not allow a single run. Last season he pitched the most innings he has in a season in his career (not rare for lefty specialists to have low inning counts). Even though he only pitched 59 innings, he appeared in 70 games. This was his best year but all three years with Boston have been very good (2.70 ERA, 3.10 ERA and 2.24 ERA).

I am looking forward to seeing this guy throw for us again next season. He is only 31 years old and I call him an “up and comer” because of his shakey seasons earlier in his career with the Rockies and Diamondbacks.

Anyone else find it wierd that this guy went to the AL East and got better?


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