Not Such an Evil Front Office

Papelbon, Youkilis, Pedroia, Lopez and others have already been taken care of for this 2009 season (Youkilis and Pedroia far beyond 2009). All have avoided the arbitration process and plan to remain in Boston. Papelbon said the other day that he is in no rush to get a long term deal done, and he is more than happy to continue going year to year. He also stated his loyalty for Boston (he’s a perfect fit) and told people not to take this the wrong way. He plans to remain a Boston Red Sox for many years to come. By their efforts to sign him long term, the Red Sox obviously agree.

You know, after Nomar and Manny both had strange endings in Bost0n, I was beginning to think that maybe the front office WAS doing something wrong and not giving its players the money they deserve. However, after doing my research, I have learned a few things that lead me to believe that these were freak circumstances by players trying to take advantage of having the Yankees (big money that is being thrown around) in the same division. Funny enough, both ended up in the national league, and no longer are a worry for the Sox. I don’t see Manny coming back to the American League though it would not surprise me if the market for his services are still slow, to see the Yankees make a sneak attack and steal Manny. They would have to unload Nady and/or Swisher first.

So back to the point at hand, the front office. Theo Epstein since coming to Boston in 2001, has yet to go to arbitration with a player. What does this mean? This means when Theo feels a commitment to a player and says he is interested, he’s not just pulling their string hoping to get a draft pick out of it. I think this points towards the front office’s fair nature with their contracts. After all, let us not forget Manny was the highest paid player in baseball when he received his 8/160 (2 20MM option years). No one forced his hand to the paper. Given Theo’s nature with arbitration and options, had Manny performed up to par (even if he hadn’t, and just played) he would still be wearing a Boston uniform, and Boston might be trying to work out an extention with him after this (2009) season. If he had gone and hit .400 for the Sox as he did for the Dodgers, he would have his 3/75 contract (covering 2010, 2011,2012) with an option for 2013.

Boras and Manny’s impatience and inappropriate reactions will be the death of his hopes for a 25+MM a year 4 year contract.


2 Responses to “Not Such an Evil Front Office”

  1. I hope the Mets sign Manny. Playing in NY at the brand new stadium is just what the doctor ordered for this great hitter. Hopefully, Wilpon’s financial loss at the hands of Bernie Madoff won’t hinder their attempt to sign him.

  2. I don’t know that I see the Mets in on Manny. They have speculated and its known that Omar Minaya sweats him. I mean hey! He’s Hispanic, old, and wants big money. Right up the Mets’ ally! I think he would perform and is the Mets missing piece. However, it is also known that Mets front office does not trust Manny, as they shouldn’t. They don’t need a slacker setting a bad example for their younger players.

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