Joe Torre / Tom Verducci on Hot Stove and Larry King Live

Well yes, I suppose it has come down to this. After flipping through “The Yankee Years” and watching Hot Stove on MLBNetwork, I wish to retract what I’ve said about Joe Torre. This book was not meant as an assault on the Yankees, but as Joe tells Bob Costas, “a history book”. It is the way those years went from the perspective of Joe Torre. He encourages all Yankees fans (and baseball fans in general) to read this book before they go ahead and doom his career, because many will be pleasantly surprised. Tom Verducci was also on Hot Stove with Torre, and he takes credit for the writing and the writing of the book is done in the third person. Verducci had a lot more influence than previously thought. This is a book by Tom Verducci about those Yankees years as I said thought the eyes of Joe Torre.

So please Yankees fans. Don’t doom the man who should go down in Yankees history as one of the best managers in their history. I think Joe Girardi, while he is a better manager for guys like A-Rod, proved last season that the Yankees success under Torre was not all just “Torre having a great team”. Apparantly he knows how to manage a little bit too. Please pick up his book and read it before you make a judgement.


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