My Predictions Grow Closer to Reality Each Day. Please Coletti Don’t Let It Be So!

Well I’m not going to backtrack and post every post where I’ve said “The longer the Dodgers wait, the better chance that Manny ends up in pinstripes.” Well they’ve waited… and waited… and continue to wait. Meanwhile, in Tampa, Hank is screaming at Hal, “Dad’s not really involved much anymore! Lets make a push for Manny now!” It is well known George does not favor having a guy in dreadlocks who flops around in the outfield on his team. However, its not his team anymore. It now belongs to Hal. Hank has been drooling over Manny from the moment he saw the Red Sox trade him and the Dodgers drop his options. The Yankees have spent a lot this offseason, and Hank knows it would be foolish to go into the next few years with any team really having a shot. They have spent over $420 million this offseason. Why not top it off around 500 and lock up the best right handed hitter of our generation for the next 3 years. Can you imagine this lineup?

1) Damon (CF)

2) Jeter (SS)

3) Rodriguez (3B)

4) Ramirez (DH)

5) Teixeira (1B)

6) Posada (C)

7) Cano (2B)

8) Nady (RF)

9) Swisher (LF)

Their weakest hitter would be Nick Swisher (who’s got some nice power) or Robinson Cano (who is only a few years removed from almost winning the batting title). That would be scary for the rest of Major League Baseball. Why do I think the Yankees are holding back? I don’t think its financial on their end. As they have proven time and again, their investments pay their dividends in ticket sales, YES network ect. I think that MLB would explode. I think you would even have owners and GMs coming out (as the Brewers and I believe Mariners already have) saying that this is not right. To have the Yankees sign the top 4 free agents available this offseason would definitely start the chains of salary caps being implemented, and the Yankees know that would make it difficult for them to put together the teams they do year in and year out. They are sitting quietly until they have the excuse, “No one else offered him a fair contract. We got him at a fair value.” By the time of the draft, if Ramirez is not wearing the Dodger blue, the Yankees will have him. Coletti, you do have a counterbid! It’s 3/63 from the New York Yankees come next month! BID NOW!


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