More Threats From Manny/Boras.

Well no big news here, but from the Boras camp has come a deadline for the Dodgers. They have until noon for Manny to accept a reasonable offer presented to him, or else. I’m not sure what Scott Boras means by “or else” because there is no other known offers on the table. I’m going to go ahead and say that Cashman got the ok to offer Manny 1 year $22-26MM and that is what “or else” is. Sure the Dodgers offered him 1/$25MM but that was an insult to Manny according to Boras, after Manny had a monster second half for the Dodgers after being traded by the Red Sox.

So thats my call. 20 minutes from now, Manny should be either a Dodger for 3 years or a Yankee for 1. I’ll keep ya updated.


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