Manny Saga is Over. Manny To Dodgers.

Well its over, finally. And the Yanks missed out. Dating back a long ways I’ve been posting that the Yankees need Manny to top off their stellar lineup and be a second big bat in the lineup. If Teix or A-Rod is on the DL, the Yankees don’t look nearly as threatening. To compare, when Big Papi was on the DL last year, the Red Sox were still a force to be reckoned with. The  Yankees don’t have that beauty of depth and Cashman admits it.

But this article is about Manny. Manny is currently on a flight to LA to go meet with the Dodgers execs this morning about the final terms of his deal. It will be the 2/$45 (thats been it all winter) with no deferred money and the second year player option so Manny can continue to be Manny on his own terms, for better or worse. More details when there is pen put to paper.


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