Get Off A-Rod

Ok. Its not fair. I’m a Sox fan and I admit it. People make loose comments about teams and players they like to play with all the time. When Alex Rodriguez does it, it gets blown up into a media frenzy. He can’t say anything, positive or negative, without it being turned into something so much more elaborate than it is.

Leave the guy alone. There is Jeter, Sabathia, Teixeira, Posada, Rivera, Burnett that I remember off the top of my head making around $15MM (or much more) a season and could be considered major investment. There are plenty of people on the Yankees roster to bash on. Why not ask Sabathia why he has made no attempt to drop some weight? Why not ask Jeter about his diminishing offensive and defensive capabilities (though he remains a top 10 SS in my opinion)? Why not ask Pettite why he didn’t accept the Yankees $10MM offer and why he was so greedy after posting over a 5 ERA? Why not ask Burnett how he plans to stay healthy in 2009 and beyond? I just honestly can think of so many more interesting questions to ask and work out then analyzing every word that comes out of a guys mouth who more than half of America can’t stand. The Yankees made so many huge moves this offseason. There is no way that this is the best these lazy reporters can come up with.


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