Dice-K Looks Great. Sox Breathe Sigh of Relief

Well, the Red Sox $103MM investment looked great yesterday afternoon. If anything, its seems the WBC has gotten him prepared earlier than usual. I was a big critic of the Sox allowing Dice-K to play in the WBC so early on in his contract. I figured they would wait until the 2011 WBC as his contract begins to come to an end. However, they can breathe a sigh of relief as Pedroia has found his swing after his injury.

The only WBC player who has yet to find his rythm in Boston is Youkilis. However, expecting Youk to bat .320 with 25+ homers and 115-120 RBI’s is unreasonable. Expect something more in the range of .300 19-24 homers and 100 RBI’s (which is far from shabby). Expect around the same from Jason Bay, who also has struggled to find his rythm thusfar. I expect Bays average will be rougly 10 points lower than Youkilis. For more check out the next post for my 34 Red Sox predictions for 2009.


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