Opening Day is Tomorrow!

Opening day is tomorrow! The Braves will kick off the season against the Phillies. My personal opinion? Phillies win 4-1. Howard will strike out twice but hit a monster home run in his final AB. The Braves bullpen will be the ones to let the game get away. Derek Lowe will leave the game with his team down 2-1.

Next, on Monday the Sox kick it off against the Tampa Bay Rays. Beckett will start the game, his first home opener in Boston against Sheilds. Predictions for the game? Ellsbury steals 2 bags while Ortiz proves that Big Papi is back and hits a monster of a home run into the right field seats. Beckett is successful and begins to re-solidify himself as the ace of this staff.Boston wins the game 5-2.

Yankees kick off their season in Baltimore. Sabathia takes the mound against Guthrie. My prediction? Yankees win 6-4. Teixiera will hit a double and drive in 2 RBI’s in his first game in pinstripes. Sabathia will struggle to find his rythm but will end the game with decent enough numbers. We’ll say 6.0 IP, 8 hits, 4 strikeouts, 2 walks and 2 ER.

While the other AL East teams face off against each other, the Blue Jays kick it off against the Tigers. Verlander and Halladay will face off. I hope for my fantasy team’s sake, that Verlander refinds his stuff, but I predict Halladay will outduel Verlander in this one and Blue Jays win 5-2.


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