Garza Shuts Down Sox; Teixiera Goes Deep in Yanks First Win

Matt Garza continued his great pitching against the Sox that started in Game 7 last season. He allowed 1 run over 7 innings in the Rays 4-3 victory. Matsuzaka struggled to find his rhythm and left too many pitches up. He paid for it by allowing three home runs. However, at his worst, he allowed four runs to one of the top offenses in the AL. Meanwhile, one of those home runs was Evan Longoria who went deep for the second time this series. What an amazing player this kid is going to be! I would honestly go ahead and say he will be the best third baseman in baseball this year (yes I remember Alex Rodriguez, but he won’t keep up this year). Meanwhile, Jason Varitek and Kevin Youkilis almost carried the Red Sox back into the ballgame, and Jason Bay hit a 410 foot RBI triple into deep center field to the deepest part of Fenway (420 wall). Varitek still struggles to make contact opening up at .167, but he certainly has refound that power stroke as this is already his second of the season.  Youkilis meanwhile is on a tear and went 3-4 again tonight. he bat almost .700 this first series.Lowell hit another double today, his second of the season. The Sox question marks are definitely showing promising signs. Matsuzaka will work with John Farrell this week as will Jon Lester, and I’m sure they will iron out whatever early kinks there are. Everyone knows John Farrell is too good to be a pitching coach. I dread the day we lose him, and it will come sadly as Francona will lock down that manager job for a long time to come.

Meanwhile, the hated New York Yankees taught Baltimore a lesson for destroying them the past two days. The Yanks routed the Orioles 11-2. Teixiera went deep as did Nick Swisher for the first times this year. Burnett held the Orioles to two runs over 5.1 innings as he got up to 98 pitches pretty quickly. But he got the job done and struck out 6. Cano also contributed a home run.


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