Mets Miss Again

The Mets missed out on Joel Pineiro as he signed with the Angels within the last 48 hours. They are known to now have Sheets prioritized on their agenda, with no sign of a desire to even make a move for Smoltz. This is a team that I just don’t understand what angle they are going for, and how come they almost always end up stopping shopping 1 piece short. It hurts to watch them play these days, as a kid who grew up at Shea. Omar’s on his way out the door though finally, and 2011, they can bring someone in to start rebuilding. They have plenty of good young pieces to build around, but they lack those core roleplayers who do the little things that bring a team together and help them win.

Omar: sign Sheets and sign him now. Then sign one of Jon Garland or John Smoltz. Then get your ass on the phone and give Big Jim Edmonds a call, and get a gauge on his other offers if there are any, and see what it would take to get Jim there.

Why Jim? He absolutely hammers right handed pitching. His homers are bombs and will have no problem getting out of CitiField. He’s a lefty. He’s only 39. He can still play some outfield while Beltran is recovering and platoon with Murphy at 1B most of the season. He provides a .250 bat and 20 home run power. What more do you need? This guy would be perfect to round out the back-middle of that lineup. plug him in around the 6, and keep him at 1B most of the time to keep him fresh. Now Omar. Your job depends on it.


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