The Big 3 of Portland

I’ve spoken on Casey Kelly. I’ve spoken on Jose Iglesias. However, there is another member of the big 3 that will start more than likely at Portland this year with the Red Sox Double-A affiliate. Luis Exposito, as Ian Browne reminds us this morning, is an exceptional catching prospect with some of the best raw power in the Sox entire system. Problem is, he hasn’t found a way yet to turn that power into a more constant hitting result. He’s got a big swing and a big frame to go along with that swing and seems to be improving all the time. Like a good catcher Exposito states that his focus has been and always will be on developing defensively, and he’s confident that if the offense is meant to come, it will come along. This doesn’t mean he doesn’t work hard at his offensive game, but as a catcher offensive production is hard to come by. The trick is to be great at defense and not allow silly runs to score on pass balls, stolen bases, ect.

Exposito has a cannon for an arm, possibly one of the better ones since Ivan Rodriguez was in his prime. However, as many have pointed out he’s still very raw at the plate, a bit of a hacker. He also, due to his big frame has not moved as well behind the plate as he one day hopes to, but most scouts seem to feel that comes along with learning a pitching staff and their stuff. When you are splitting time between leagues and dealing with so many pitchers, its hard to keep on top of all of them and if a pitch picks up a little extra break, its hard to get to. So these are both understandable flaws, but Portland hasn’t seen a team like this since the tandem of Hanley Ramirez, Dustin Pedroia and Jacoby Ellsbury ruled. We can only hope that these big 3 work out half as well as their predecessors.


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